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Tips for safely using weed killers

Have you seen the news about the dangers of weed killers like Roundup, which has potentially been linked to cancer? Maybe it's gotten you thinking about the level of exposure that you see every summer and what you can do to stay safe.

If that's your goal, here are some important safety tips:

  • Always start by reading the label on the bottle. It's there for your protection. Do not just buy weed killer and head out to your yard. Take a few minutes to read that label first.
  • Always wear personal protection equipment. The label should tell you what you need. You may want a good pair of gloves, for instance, or a breathing mask. Some people choose to wear goggles to protect their eyes.
  • Do not overuse the solution. Look at the instructions regarding how much you need for the amount of yard you have and distribute it evenly and accurately.
  • Do everything you can to avoid contact with your skin or any other exposed area. If you do get the weed killer on you, wash it off immediately.
  • Pick shoes that do not absorb liquids. They may not actually protect you but will just absorb the weed killer and keep it next to your skin.
  • Once you have finished spraying an area, try to stay away from it for as long as required for the product that you own.

How close does a car have to be to be 'tailgating'?

Having someone tailgate you is dangerous and unnerving. When that car is right on your back bumper, you're all too aware that, if you have to stop quickly, they're probably going to hit you.

People tailgate for all manner of reasons. Some of them do it intentionally, trying to pass. Others do it when they're angry with the way you're driving, and it can turn into road rage. Some drivers do it because they just have no idea how far back they're supposed to stay, so they unintentionally put you both in danger.

Popular car models make list of top breakdowns

Before buying a car, you may wonder how often that model tends to break down and how reliable it is. On one hand, you just want to know what type of repair costs to expect. At the same time, you also want to know if the car is going to be more of an inconvenience than it's worth. You need a vehicle that you can trust to work properly when you need it, especially if you're buying it brand new.

To help you make your decision, you should know that some very popular car models do make their way onto lists of the most breakdowns in the first years of ownership. Some of the most popular vehicles on one recent list include:

  • The Ford Focus
  • The Fiat 500L
  • The Land Rover Discovery
  • The Nissan Rogue
  • The Chrysler 200
  • The Jeep Cherokee
  • The Tesla Model X
  • The Chevy Tahoe
  • The Cadillac ATS
  • The Chevy Camaro
  • The GMC Acadia
  • The Ram 3500

Why do people use talc powder?

You have heard that baby powder, also known as talcum powder, has been linked to cancer. You know that a big part of the risk is extended use. People often used it for years on end, making it more likely that they'd see some of these negative impacts.

But why do people use baby powder in the first place, especially as adults?

The top safety tip for motorcyclists

You've probably heard plenty from friends and family members about how dangerous it is to ride a motorcycle. You still ride. You just want to know how to do it safely.

There are a lot of things to keep in mind if this is your goal. You always want to obey the traffic laws. You should wear a helmet. The brighter the color of your bike and/or your jacket, the better. You never want to overrun your headlights at night.

Some common antibiotics can have life-altering side effects

When you are sick with a bacterial infection, you probably take the antibiotic prescribed by your doctor to eliminate the infection. You have probably taken antibiotics numerous times throughout your life, so you trust that your prescription will do its job, allowing you to get back on your feet faster.

While antibiotics generally cause more good than harm, one class of antibiotics, called fluoroquinolones, has caused disabling side effects to some of its users. This has prompted several FDA warnings about the medication, as well as a recent citizen petition asking for the FDA to release additional warnings.

What type of cancer does baby powder cause?

You have been using baby powder, or talcum powder, for as long as you can remember. You always assumed it was safe. Then you started hearing that it could cause cancer and could be fatal.

You're shocked, but your first inclination is to look into the specifics. What type of cancer can it cause?

Does bankruptcy stop foreclosure?

You may have heard people say that bankruptcy is one way to stop foreclosure. If they get the foreclosure notice in the mail, they assume they can just declare Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 to put an end to it.

This is a misconception. Bankruptcy, of either type, does not stop foreclosure.

Studies find sick people are contaminated with glyphosate

If you ask Monsanto, the company that was recently bought by Bayer and that makes the popular weed killer Roundup, you will probably hear that Roundup is safe. They have been saying for years that it's fine to use it on agricultural products since it just kills things like invasive weeds and has no impact on people who then eat those crops.

However, for the past two decades, researchers have been studying the chemical to see if it is really safe. They can find it in water, in the air and in food. They warn that people get exposed to it all of the time, from a variety of sources. Is that chemical truly safe?

Eight-year-old loses his hand due to recalled fireworks

In Indiana, a boy recently lost his hand when he and another boy (12-years-old) found a broken Talon rocket firework. The two lit the firework and were injured by the explosion.

Nearly 25,000 fireworks have since been recalled for being overloaded with pyrotechnics. These pyrotechnics were intended to make the firework louder, increasing the audible effect. Instead, they caused a larger-than-expected explosion.


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