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How do truck accidents tend to happen?

You don't see exactly what occurs, but a car in front of you collides with a semitruck. The truck goes out of control and hits your vehicle and three others before everyone comes to a stop. It's a chain-reaction crash that shuts down the highway and puts multiple people in the hospital.

But how did it happen? Every case is unique, but some common ways that these accidents play out include:

  • The driver of the car got into the blind spot, known as the "no-zone", and the truck driver couldn't see them.
  • The driver of the car tried to slow down far too quickly, and the truck could not stop in time.
  • The car made a sharp and unexpected maneuver, such as switching lanes abruptly and cutting the truck off.
  • The other car was on the side of the road and did not get over far enough for the truck to pass.
  • While on the side of the road, the other car tried to merge back onto the road and cut the truck driver off.
  • The car attempted to go around the truck, but the crosswind or air turbulence pushed the car sideways.
  • Some other factor caused the car or the truck to lose control, such as one driver texting and driving, falling asleep at the wheel or driving while under the influence.

Do creditors get paid during bankruptcy?

When a borrower decides to declare bankruptcy, does that mean that the creditors get nothing? Bankruptcy is a legal way to eliminate debt, but what does that mean for the companies, organizations and individuals who loaned that person money in the first place?

To a large degree, it depends on the type of bankruptcy that is used. For instance, under Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the borrower may have to liquidate some of their assets. The money from this liquidation then goes to the creditors.

What complications does surgical mesh have?

If you underwent a surgical procedure where the doctors used surgical mesh, they likely told you the potential benefits. For instance, some types of mesh can actually get absorbed by your body over time, meaning you don't need a second surgery, and others can be implanted permanently. You likely got the impression that this was completely safe and that you did not need to worry about anything.

That may not be true. There is actually some evidence of serious negative consequences when a surgical mesh is used. Some of the problems may include:

  • Serious pelvic pain
  • Contraction of the surgical mesh over time
  • Infection at the site
  • Bleeding or discharge from the vaginal area
  • Pain when having intercourse

What you can do to manage mounting medical debt

When you have outstanding medical debt and little hope of paying it off in the near future, you may feel overwhelmed and frustrated. How do you settle your debt? What can you do? If you are feeling shame and guilt by your inability to pay your medical debt, it’s important to understand that it is not a personal failure.

The pain of getting sick or hurt can be compounded by the inevitable medical bills. If you are facing insurmountable medical debt, you’re not alone. Nearly one in five working-age Americans struggle with crippling medical debt. Ignoring your bills or procrastinating payment might be tempting. However, seeking a solution to manage your debt will help secure your long-term financial health.

High school student dies in crash

A high school in West Virginia is mourning the loss of a 16-year-old student, who was killed in a crash on Monday, Sept. 23. The young man was a student at Lincoln County High School.

According to reports, two pickup trucks were going in opposite directions around a sharp bend when they collided. They were in Hamlin, on State Route 3. The crash happened sometime between 4:00 p.m. and 4:30 p.m.

With talcum powder, the risk is in regular exposure

If you have heard that talcum powder has been linked to cancer, it's probably frightening. You've used it before. You have it in your house. Are you at risk?

You may be. This is a potentially dangerous product. In some cases, it contains asbestos. Even when it doesn't, there are serious questions about the safety and the links to serious health concerns like ovarian cancer.

Distracted driving takes thousands of lives

Think that it's safe to check that text message while you drive? Wondering if you need to pull over to give your child some snacks in the back seat, or can you just hand them back while staying behind the wheel? Considering when is the best time to change the playlist on your phone?

Maybe you know that these things are risky. You understand that they distract you from the road and that, in doing so, they can cause accidents.

If you have a Rock 'n Play, read this

Parents with young children need to read this if they purchased a Rock 'n Play. The small sleepers are designed to be lightweight, portable sleeping options for infants and babies. They fold up so that you can put them in the car and then fold back open into a sort of hammock. Parents do not typically use them as a main sleeping area for the night, but as a popular option for mid-day naps.

However, Fisher-Price had to recall these popular products recently after a number of infant deaths. The issue appears to be that some babies can roll in the Rock 'n Play into a position that makes it impossible to breathe and they then suffocate. They're too small to get out of it on their own.

Ford recalls some of their best-selling models

There are few companies that are more of a household name than Ford. If you don’t have a Ford at home, chances are you know someone who does or had one as a rental vehicle. As a result, a recall from the automaker can impact hundreds of thousands of people.

A late-August Ford recall affected nearly 500,000 vehicles. The company recalled various F-150, Super Duty F-250 and F-350 pickup trucks and Explorer and Expedition SUVs. These are among Ford’s best-selling vehicles and that makes it easy to see why the company is acting swiftly in recalling these models.

Top reasons people end up in debt

Avoiding debt may, for some, be as simple as identifying why insurmountable debt happens and avoiding those risk factors. However, there are some factors you can't control, even with planning.

Remember, people go into debt for different reasons. No two situations are exactly the same. That's why it's such a problem in the U.S. today. What are some of those reasons? A few of the most common ones are the following:

  1. The loss of a job: Many people take on affordable debt based on their income. However, if they lose their job, it's suddenly not affordable anymore.
  2. Emergencies: Even those who pay careful attention to how they spend their money can fall victim to emergencies. If they don't have enough in savings, they may owe money they don't have on hand. Emergencies can be major or minor, from a car problem to a cancer diagnosis.
  3. Poor spending habits: Not all people who get into debt have poor spending habits, but it does play a role in some cases. People just spend more than they earn, relying on credit to cover the costs.
  4. Debts they feel they can't avoid: Sometimes you think you do not have a choice but to go into debt. For example, an 18-year-old college freshman can't afford to pay $40,000 per year for school, so they get a student loan.


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