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What complications does surgical mesh have?

If you underwent a surgical procedure where the doctors used surgical mesh, they likely told you the potential benefits. For instance, some types of mesh can actually get absorbed by your body over time, meaning you don't need a second surgery, and others can be implanted permanently. You likely got the impression that this was completely safe and that you did not need to worry about anything.

If you have a Rock 'n Play, read this

Parents with young children need to read this if they purchased a Rock 'n Play. The small sleepers are designed to be lightweight, portable sleeping options for infants and babies. They fold up so that you can put them in the car and then fold back open into a sort of hammock. Parents do not typically use them as a main sleeping area for the night, but as a popular option for mid-day naps.

Studies find sick people are contaminated with glyphosate

If you ask Monsanto, the company that was recently bought by Bayer and that makes the popular weed killer Roundup, you will probably hear that Roundup is safe. They have been saying for years that it's fine to use it on agricultural products since it just kills things like invasive weeds and has no impact on people who then eat those crops.

After 20 years, FDA finally bans pelvic mesh in the U.S.

When a pharmaceutical drug or medical device is found to be unsafe, most of us would reasonably expect it to be pulled off the market immediately. After all, these products are under the regulatory authority of the Food and Drug Administration. Unfortunately, change almost never occurs so quickly. Dangerous and defective products remain on the market for years after problems are discovered, and most manufacturers will spend enormous amounts of time and money denying that their products are unsafe.


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