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Truck Accident Lawyer In Charleston

Because big rigs are so much larger and heavier than passenger cars, the results of a car-truck collision are often catastrophic for the drivers and passengers in smaller vehicles. In addition to serious bodily injury, many truck accident victims experience emotional trauma that affects their lives for months or years after the collision.

At Powell & Majestro P.L.L.C., we are dedicated to seeking justice for victims of trucking accidents. We strive to make you feel at ease and help you understand your options while we aggressively pursue your personal injury case against the appropriate party such as the truck driver, trucking company or insurer.

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We take a unique approach to personal injury cases involving large trucks. As a former engineer and established truck accident lawyer, James C. Powell has a thorough understanding of the technical and mechanical issues that affect trucking safety, as well as the rules and safety protocols that regulate the trucking industry.

We ask important questions like:

  • Was the truck outfitted with vital safety technology?
  • Was the truck’s load secured properly?
  • Were the truck’s brakes defective or improperly maintained?
  • Did the truck driver or trucking company have any reason to suspect that the truck was not safe?

Understanding the nuts and bolts of why 18-wheeler accidents happen allows us to explore every possible option for securing compensation on your behalf. Having successfully handled many of these cases in our decades of practice, we know how to anticipate the tactics of the opposition and present a compelling argument for compensation.

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Serving Truck Accident Victims In West Virginia And Nationwide

From our offices in Charleston and Parkersburg, West Virginia, our attorneys frequently represent motorists who were injured in trucking collisions on Interstate 64, I-77 and I-79. To learn how our extensive experience and record of success can help you and your loved ones after an accident, please contact us to arrange a free initial consultation. We look forward to helping you pursue justice.