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Aggressive Protection Of Consumer Rights

Buying a motor vehicle represents a significant investment. Whether you are paying in full or financing, you are placing trust in the dealership to be upfront and honest about both the benefits and the drawbacks.

Yet, for many, driving the car or truck off a dealership lot is the beginning of major problems that may require the help of a lawyer.

The Lemon Law And The Consumer Protections It Provides

If you bought a vehicle based upon falsehoods by the dealer, you may have a cause of action. Call us now to discuss your vehicle. Claims are subject to certain limitations for consumers to pursue a lemon law complaint. Those include:

  • A defect discovered within the first 12 months after the transaction
  • Three attempts by the authorized manufacturer’s dealership to repair the vehicle under an original or extended manufacturer’s warranty
  • A vehicle in a repair shop for 30 or more calendar days during the first 12 months
  • An unsuccessful repair of the defect results in serious injury or death

At Powell & Majestro P.L.L.C., we help you overcome the obstacles you face when dealing with a multibillion-dollar automobile manufacturer. We pursue compensation you deserve for expenses that include:

  • Sales tax costs
  • License and registration fees
  • New vehicle costs
  • Damages to cover the “lemon’s” diminished value, cost of repairs, loss of use and attorney fees

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