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Commonly Asked Questions


I have a lemon, what should I do?

If a safety issue, park it and do not drive it.  Your life worth more than vehicle.

Gather all documents and read your paperwork. Is the vehicle under a written warranty?

Call you dealer and politely ask what it wants you to do.

If You do not get satisfaction, call us.

What Documents do I need if I feel I have a “lemon”?

  • Purchase Agreement
  • Warranty Document
  • Service Department Documents
  • Payment history.
  • Photographs and Images showing Defects.

What do I do with a defective house?

The age of your house usually determines what remedies the homeowner has.   If you purchased an older house then the issue of non-disclosure or a “cover up” may be an issue.

If You bought a new house then defective construction may be the issue. The purchase agreement and the related documents need to be closely reviewed.

What is the Home Inspectors Role?

Home Inspectors are not insurers.   They do Not always look for defective construction.

Can I do it “On the Cheap”?

The adage “Cheap Whiskey is never a bargain” applies in the purchase of a house.

Getting the cheapest home inspector normally will result in a cheap inspection.   A glorified “walk through” pointing out a hole in the fence or a missing Escutcheon will not tell you about the basic condition of the house.

What do I need to get to see if I have a lawsuit?

  • Your Closing Documents including the realtor agreement and the home inspection report
  • Photographs and video of the Problems.
  • Efforts to fix the Problem


What are best practices around Social Media and my case?

You should never post anything on social media if you are in a lawsuit or thinking about a lawsuit.

As an example. posting that you are visiting your family implies that you are physically able to travel and get around though you now have to use crutches which is painful.   Also, you cannot ride for more than a hour a day but that limitation was not posted.

If You are in a lawsuit, do not delete any social media.

What are best practices around photography and my case?

With everyone having an electronic camera, one can never take too many photos and video of things that may be evidence.  Take many photographs of the injury, wreck site, witnesses, medical equipment, defects, the layout, advertising in the sales office and whatever else that might be important.

What are best practices regarding Documents and my case?

Gather and read them before seeing a lawyer.  Knowing what the documents say is Important.   Have an intelligent talk with a lawyer is best.   Not being prepared may cause the attorney not to take your case.   You must show that you are willing to help in the fight for justice.