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Faulty IVC filters endanger lives

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2020 | Mass Tort Litigation |

A blood clot is potentially deadly and the cure should not be equally risky to West Virginia patients. Unfortunately, many defective IVC filters intended to catch blood clots are proving to be as potentially deadly as a freely moving blood clot. Many IVC filters have either moved from their intended location or one or more pieces break off and enter the bloodstream. That could cause injuries to internal organs or death and has in other cases.

Inferior vena cava implants are most problematic

IVC litigation shows the inferior vena cava is the largest vein in the human body. Lawsuits generally say the IVC filter is poorly designed and prone to shifting and breaking after surgical placement. One plaintiff says the filter “tilted, migrated and fractured” and caused numerous surgeries to remove most of the filter and its broken parts. A broken strut remains embedded in her inferior vena cava, she says.

Thousands of lawsuits net $41 million so far

More than 15,000 lawsuits have netted more than $41 million for plaintiffs, each of whom filed separate lawsuits against the makers of the potentially defective blood clot filter. Plaintiffs generally say the filter moves, breaks and leaves detached pieces inside their bodies. Many reported perforated organs or veins due to the defective filter and suffered complications from its removal, including death.

FDA says the filters should be removed

The FDA says the IVC filters should not be placed inside human bodies for more than a month or so. The federal agency recommends each filter be removed within 29 to 54 days after it is implanted. That suggests they are a temporary measure designed to address a specific problem of blood clotting endangering patients’ lives. Unfortunately, prolonged exposure to the implanted device also would seem to endanger lives.

Those in the Charleston seeking compensation for the cost of removing a potentially defective IVC filter or who have suffered ill-effects of an IVC filter implantation can benefit from an attorney experienced in successful IVC litigation. With a large caseload already on record, an experienced attorney can go over your case and help to make it better.