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West Virginia IVC filter lawsuits on the rise

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2020 | Mass Tort Litigation |

Some patients in West Virginia may have filed lawsuits against the manufacturer of their IVC filter device. These devices are failing, and there have been several large settlements reached in class-action lawsuits since 2018.

What is an IVC filter?

An IVC filter is a small medical device that is implanted in the interior vena cava. Its purpose is to prevent blood clots from entering the lungs.

These devices were originally intended to treat patients with deep vein thrombosis who could not take anti-coagulation medicines. In recent years, their use has expanded to the treatment of many other conditions. Most notably, they are now used in cases where patients have sustained multiple major traumas or spinal cord injuries. This increased deployment of IVC filters could be the reason that lawsuits involving the failure of the devices are on the rise. Reasons IVC filters are used include:

• DVT diagnosis
• Pulmonary embolism diagnosis
• Physical trauma
• An inability to move
• Traumatic accidents involving major blood loss
• Major surgery

IVC filter failure

After insertion of an IVC filter, the device can fail in a couple of ways. Parts can break off of the device, leading to punctures of the blood vessels or organs. It can also become completely dislodged and float around the vascular system, causing similar damage. There have been instances of death involving faulty IVC filters.

If your IVC filter fails, you may wish to look into suing the manufacturer of the filter. An experienced mass torts attorney may be able to assist you with this claim. A mass tort claim differs from a class-action lawsuit in that the individuals in the group comprising the mass tort are considered individually, leading to awards of varying amounts. In a class-action lawsuit, all claimants receive the same reward regardless of circumstance or damages.