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More medications pulled from the market

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2020 | Mass Tort Litigation |

The latest news about tainted medications might concern West Virginia residents who have been exposed to a harmful substance that may be a carcinogen. Numerous medications have been recalled and pulled from the market due to the fact that they contain dangerous ingredients. Regardless of how they were introduced into the medication, this reveals shortcomings in drug manufacturing processes and our regulatory system.

Medications such as Zantac and Valsartan have been recalled after a substance called NDMA was found in tests of the medication. In the case of Zantac, the active ingredient in the drug was unstable and developed into NDMA over time. While not much is known yet about the level of danger, exposure to NDMA above a certain amount can cause cancer. Now, a different medication called Losartan has been recalled because it contains another type of carcinogen.

These ongoing issues reveal gaps and shortcomings in the nation’s regulatory system. The FDA simply does not have the money to maintain a more active presence and keep Americans safe. Now, people have even less trust in the system and are becoming even more suspicious of medications in general. The FDA has largely farmed out regulation to the industry. However, the industry cannot be relied upon to police itself. In fact, FDA regulation has decreased markedly in the past four years, putting even more Americans at risk from tainted medicine.

Those who have taken recalled medications and have developed cancer may be entitled to substantial financial compensation. There have been mass torts lawsuits filed against many of these drug manufacturers that are pending in court. They should contact a mass torts attorney to learn more about their legal rights and how they can begin the process of filing a lawsuit to hold drugmakers accountable for the harm that their product caused.