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FDA recommends removal of all IVC blood clot filters

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2020 | Mass Tort Litigation |

Many circulatory disease sufferers in West Virginia and throughout the country are facing a personal health dilemma now that the FDA has recommended removal of all blood clot filters. The agency decision was made based on the large number of medical issues experienced by those who have already had the devices implanted. There were 921 complaints filed concerning the IVC blood clot filters manufactured by C.R. Bard and Cook Medical going back to the first problems in 2005 and extending to 2010. That year, they were forced to stop manufacturing the forerunner to the current second-generation filters, now known as the G2 and G2 Express IVC filters.

There were several deaths associated with the first devices, and there have now been at least 12 deaths associated with the newer G2 and G2 Express filters. The continuance of problems attributed to the filters has resulted in a significant number of lawsuits, making it a mass tort legal issue that many personal injury attorneys are becoming familiar with as more claims are filed. This could well be increased with the new directive to remove filters whenever possible, even for those who have experienced an effective response from the devices.

Some patients realized they had a problem as early as four months after the installation, but many others do not see complications until later. The devices have a tendency to come apart or shift to other areas of the circulatory system, potentially puncturing organs. One of the primary purposes for installing the filters was to prevent movement of a blood clot to the lungs, which can be fatal in serious cases. Many patients do not respond to blood thinner medication therapy, and the IVC blood clot filters were recommended as an alternate treatment option being placed in the inferior vena cava. This is the primary vein delivering blood to the heart.

Just as with other product liability cases, mass tort attorneys may provide legal counsel for affected individuals. Even when a recall has been placed on a product, each case is still evaluated based on the particular injury and a direct correlation between all parties involved and device installation.