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Tire blowouts can result in serious truck accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2020 | Personal Injury |

Many West Virginia drivers have been taught that driving next to semi trucks can be extremely dangerous. In addition to truck drivers not being able to see other motorists, sudden tire blow outs can result in serious or even deadly truck accidents. In fact, one such blowout occurred in 2018 on Interstate 40 in New Mexico, causing seven deaths.

According to the report, the truck was traveling eastbound on the interstate when the right steer tire blew, causing the truck to veer across the eastbound lanes, through the median and directly into an oncoming Greyhound bus that was transporting 49 passengers. Among the seven deaths included the bus driver while the truck driver was hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries.

It is argued that tire blow outs that result in many truck accidents are caused by poor tire maintenance. In approximately 80 percent of tire blowouts are the result of deteriorating tread are by an underinflated tire. The remaining 20 percent of tire blowouts are thought to be caused by road hazards. When a tire does blow, however, the vehicle will drop to the side of the blowout and pull to that side. In many cases, a driver’s natural reaction is to turn the wheel in the opposite direction and hit the brakes, which, ultimately, can result in a crash.

Just the sheer weight of semi trucks, especially when they are carrying cargo, make them particularly dangerous. When truck accidents occur, other motorists who become involved may face serious, life-threatening injuries or even death. If the cause of a truck accident was determined to be improper maintenance or negligence on behalf of the driver and the trucking company, an attorney may help the injured person or their loved ones file a lawsuit against both the truck driver and the truck company.