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Actions that might lead to truck accidents

On Behalf of | May 4, 2020 | Personal Injury |

The size and weight of trucks mean that there can be serious danger for a smaller vehicle involved in an accident with them. Some truck accidents are caused by the actions of passenger vehicles, so people in Virginia will want to know how to ensure that they drive more safely around trucks.

The actions car drivers often take that endanger both them and truck drivers include passing unsafely, making abrupt changes of lane in front of trucks or driving between trucks. There are areas of the truck that offer little to no visibility to the truck driver, so car drivers should avoid those areas. Drivers should also be aware of the truck driver’s actions. For example, accidents are caused when they try to pass a truck on the right as the truck is turning right or when they do not speed up or slow down as a truck merges or changes lanes.

However, there are also situations that can lead to an accident caused by a truck driver. Some drivers may not be sufficiently trained in technique, safety and driving defensively. Their pay might be structured in a way that encourages them to drive faster and longer, or the trucking company might have unrealistic expectations that make it harder to drive at a safe speed with adequate rest.

A truck driver may cause a catastrophic accident. People who are injured in a trucking accident may want to consult an attorney to discuss their rights. The person might be owed compensation for their injuries and other expenses, such as lost wages. The trucking company as well as the driver could be held responsible. Faulty equipment could also be the cause of an accident. If the insurance company does not offer enough compensation, an attorney might be able to help an individual in filing a lawsuit.