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Those who own certain Ford Cars may be eligible for money

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2020 | Lemon Law |

West Virginia drivers who have bought certain models of the Ford Focus and Fiesta are understandably frustrated by the problems caused by the faulty transmission in these vehicles. Ford has settled a class-action lawsuit, and Ford drivers will be eligible for compensation based on the types of services that were required.

Drivers have been forced to bring their Ford back for repeated service as the transmission has resulted in rough operation and extreme wear. The transmission results in shaking and some hesitation in acceleration. In many cases, drivers have needed service for a software flash of the transmission. In other cases, they have required multiple new clutches or other hardware replacement, only to find that they needed to bring the car back for service many additional times.

Ford has agreed to a sliding scale of money based on what service was required. If the number of necessary repairs makes the vehicle eligible under the state’s lemon laws, Ford may be forced to pay money to repurchase the vehicle. Ford may even need to pay former owners money if they have already sold the car. Drivers have until October 6, 2020, to file their claim for reimbursement. They may do so online or by filling out a paper form.

In general, carmakers may not sell a car that is not fit for its intended purpose. They make certain warranties to you when they enter into the sales contract. If they have breached the warranty, both the dealer and the manufacturer may be legally liable to either buy the car back or pay money. A WV lemon law attorney can help those who have purchased a car and have not gotten the vehicle that they bargained for because defects cause the need for frequent repairs. Car buyers have legal rights that must be respected.