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Here are options for medical debt consolidation

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2020 | Debt Consolidation |

For some West Virginians, medical debt can pile up and leave them in financial distress. Some medical bills may end up in collection with threatening debt collectors contacting people repeatedly. Faced with collection efforts, people may try medical debt consolidation in order to gain some time to repay the debt while preserving their credit.

Medical debt consolidation may not necessarily work for everyone. There are different things to consider before taking out one of these loans. The first thing is that there will be interest payments. If the source of these loans is a credit card or a personal loan, the interest can be considerable. Nonetheless, outstanding medical debt that cannot be paid can be disastrous for a credit score as it is reported to the collection bureaus.

There are some alternatives to medical debt consolidation. For example, Medicaid can be helpful in reducing medical debt as well as keeping people from incurring further obligations. However, there will be certain requirements in order to qualify for the program. Some medical providers also offer in-house financing that can give people some time to pay off their debts. This is an option for people who simply cannot get credit elsewhere, although this particular option may come with higher interest rates. People should just be careful to not get preyed upon by unscrupulous lenders.

Those who find themselves besieged by medical debt that they just simply cannot pay can seek the help of an attorney. One of the options they may advise could be debt consolidation. If there are no other options, and as a last resort, the attorney might advise a bankruptcy filing because this filing will eliminate medical debt if all of the rules are properly followed. Medical debt is a stressful and difficult thing, but there can be help available.