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Fiery crash claims two lives in West Virginia

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2019 | Personal Injury |

Two people have passed away after getting involved in a car accident in West Virginia. One of the vehicles involved caught on fire in the aftermath of the wreck, as emergency crews rushed to the scene.

According to reports out of Wheeling, the accident happened on Interstate 470, where it runs through the Northern Panhandle of the state. It involved three vehicles: An SUV and two semi-trucks. The spokesperson for the police and fire departments in the area confirmed that one semi-truck caught on fire.

After the crash, emergency crews had to shut down the interstate completely in both directions. The wreck happened on Saturday, October 19, and the road was closed until Sunday, October 20. Initial reports did not name the victims of the accident, as the authorities were still attempting to notify their relatives, and it is unclear which vehicle or vehicles they were riding in when they passed away.

Accidents like this show just how quickly your whole life can change. A crash takes just a few seconds to happen, but it can result in broken bones, head injuries, severe burns, disfigurement and much more — and that is for those who survive. They may also have lost loved ones in the crash, and they could bear that emotional burden forever.

If you find yourself facing high medical bills, lost wages, funeral costs, lost earning potential and many other issues after a serious crash, it is very important for you to know if you have a right to seek financial compensation. At the very least, it can reduce financial stress during a difficult time.