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How do truck accidents tend to happen?

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2019 | Personal Injury |

You don’t see exactly what occurs, but a car in front of you collides with a semitruck. The truck goes out of control and hits your vehicle and three others before everyone comes to a stop. It’s a chain-reaction crash that shuts down the highway and puts multiple people in the hospital.

But how did it happen? Every case is unique, but some common ways that these accidents play out include:

  • The driver of the car got into the blind spot, known as the “no-zone”, and the truck driver couldn’t see them.
  • The driver of the car tried to slow down far too quickly, and the truck could not stop in time.
  • The car made a sharp and unexpected maneuver, such as switching lanes abruptly and cutting the truck off.
  • The other car was on the side of the road and did not get over far enough for the truck to pass.
  • While on the side of the road, the other car tried to merge back onto the road and cut the truck driver off.
  • The car attempted to go around the truck, but the crosswind or air turbulence pushed the car sideways.
  • Some other factor caused the car or the truck to lose control, such as one driver texting and driving, falling asleep at the wheel or driving while under the influence.

No matter how it happened, you know it wasn’t your fault, but now you are in the hospital with serious injuries. You may have high medical bills, lost wages and many other costs, and you need to know how to seek compensation.