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With talcum powder, the risk is in regular exposure

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2019 | Mass Tort Litigation |

If you have heard that talcum powder has been linked to cancer, it’s probably frightening. You’ve used it before. You have it in your house. Are you at risk?

You may be. This is a potentially dangerous product. In some cases, it contains asbestos. Even when it doesn’t, there are serious questions about the safety and the links to serious health concerns like ovarian cancer.

That said, the real risk with talc powder lies in regular exposure. Using it once may not be the best idea, but the true danger is when you use it every day for years on end. For this reason, experts tend to focus on:

  • Individuals, and especially women, who make it part of their daily grooming routine.
  • People who work in places with increased exposure risks, such as talc miners or factory workers.

This is true of many potential carcinogens. You do not generally get skin cancer from one event. You get it from long-term and repeated sun exposure. You don’t get lung cancer from smoking one cigar; you getting from picking up the regular habit of smoking every day.

This is not to downplay the dangerous nature of talc powder. If you use it at all, you should look into the possible risks. Do not use it infrequently and assume that doing so is safe. It can be a health risk. But you simply need to know that your odds of developing serious complications are higher if you use it all the time.

When you do end up with health concerns due to talc powder, you need to know what steps to take.