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Why do people use talc powder?

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2019 | Mass Tort Litigation |

You have heard that baby powder, also known as talcum powder, has been linked to cancer. You know that a big part of the risk is extended use. People often used it for years on end, making it more likely that they’d see some of these negative impacts.

But why do people use baby powder in the first place, especially as adults?

The powder gets its name — which is just marketing — from the fact that many parents use it when changing diapers. They have young kids, they want to avoid diaper rash and similar issues, and they know that a child’s perpetually damp skin — since the baby constantly wears a diaper — is at risk. The powder simply helps dry the skin out by absorbing moisture, and it then helps to prevent wet skin from rubbing against itself and causing a rash.

As any new parent will tell you, when the baby isn’t happy, no one is happy. Talcum powder seemed like an easy way to make kids more comfortable and healthy, even as it may have been increasing their odds of cancer in the future.

What you’ll find is that many adults used baby powder for the same reasons. They wanted smooth, dry skin that was rash-free and comfortable. It became part of their daily routine. That’s why they used it for years and years. It became second-nature, just like putting on deodorant or makeup.

Have you been diagnosed with cancer after using talc powder as a daily staple in your life? If so, you absolutely need to know what legal options you have.