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Tips for safely using weed killers

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2019 | Mass Tort Litigation |

Have you seen the news about the dangers of weed killers like Roundup, which has potentially been linked to cancer? Maybe it’s gotten you thinking about the level of exposure that you see every summer and what you can do to stay safe.

If that’s your goal, here are some important safety tips:

  • Always start by reading the label on the bottle. It’s there for your protection. Do not just buy weed killer and head out to your yard. Take a few minutes to read that label first.
  • Always wear personal protection equipment. The label should tell you what you need. You may want a good pair of gloves, for instance, or a breathing mask. Some people choose to wear goggles to protect their eyes.
  • Do not overuse the solution. Look at the instructions regarding how much you need for the amount of yard you have and distribute it evenly and accurately.
  • Do everything you can to avoid contact with your skin or any other exposed area. If you do get the weed killer on you, wash it off immediately.
  • Pick shoes that do not absorb liquids. They may not actually protect you but will just absorb the weed killer and keep it next to your skin.
  • Once you have finished spraying an area, try to stay away from it for as long as required for the product that you own.

These tips can help, but nothing guarantees that you are not getting exposed if you use these products. If you think that has caused you harm, make sure you know what legal options you have.