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What type of cancer does baby powder cause?

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2019 | Mass Tort Litigation |

You have been using baby powder, or talcum powder, for as long as you can remember. You always assumed it was safe. Then you started hearing that it could cause cancer and could be fatal.

You’re shocked, but your first inclination is to look into the specifics. What type of cancer can it cause?

Studies and lawsuits have linked it to a few different types of cancer, depending on the type of use. There is also something to be said for exactly what minerals are contained in the talc powder itself.

The main reason for these lawsuits and the uproar they have caused in the news is that studies have linked talcum powder with ovarian cancer. It can increase your chances of developing the disease if you are a woman who has used it for years. That prolonged exposure could be deadly, these studies claim — some of them going all the way back to the 1970s.

But that’s not the only risk. Men have opened up lawsuits against companies like Johnson & Johnson, claiming that they too have developed cancer after continuous use.

For instance, some reports claim that asbestos can be contaminated and it may contain asbestos. It’s nearly impossible for the user to tell. If it does, though, breathing in the powder could be very dangerous. Asbestos is no longer in use in building materials and insulation because, among other things, it can cause mesothelioma. That’s exactly what one man claimed happened to him after decades of exposure.

Now that you know a bit more about the current controversy, make sure you’re also well aware of your legal options.