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Studies find sick people are contaminated with glyphosate

On Behalf of | Jul 4, 2019 | Mass Tort Litigation |

If you ask Monsanto, the company that was recently bought by Bayer and that makes the popular weed killer Roundup, you will probably hear that Roundup is safe. They have been saying for years that it’s fine to use it on agricultural products since it just kills things like invasive weeds and has no impact on people who then eat those crops.

However, for the past two decades, researchers have been studying the chemical to see if it is really safe. They can find it in water, in the air and in food. They warn that people get exposed to it all of the time, from a variety of sources. Is that chemical truly safe?

Many researchers do not think that it is. They noted that people who struggle with various sicknesses tend to have “higher levels of glyphosate in their bodies” than those who are healthy. Glyphosate is the active chemical used in Roundup, which is how the solution is branded.

The main sickness that many people worry about is cancer. One study looked at 65,000 people living in Argentina, where the farming communities are fumigated with large amounts of Roundup. What they found was that when compared with the national average, the rates for cancer in these towns were anywhere from two to four times higher. They found issues with lung cancer, prostate cancer and breast cancer.

You can imagine that these types of studies would raise some serious concerns. Is this really a chemical that you want to consume on a regular basis? If you have suffered serious complications as a result, you need to know all of your legal options.