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After $2 billion verdict, Bayer wants reversal

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2019 | Mass Tort Litigation |

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Bayer is not thrilled with the $2 billion verdict that went against them in a recent Roundup weed killer lawsuit in California. They have asked the judge for a reversal.

Essentially, the jurors found that a couple’s cancer was in fact caused by Roundup. That led to a verdict against the company. Bayer now wants the judge to go against the jury and overrule their decision.

Roundup is made by Monsanto. The chemical company was purchased in 2018 by Bayer, the German drugmaker, for $63 billion. That’s why Bayer is now the defendant in these lawsuits surrounding its popular weed killer, which contains glyphosate.

Bayer still says that people can safely use glyphosate. Not everyone agrees, though, as this case is far from the only one in the United States. As of the latest reports, over 13,400 people have sued the company for alleged harm caused by the chemical.

Bayer asked for the reversal because it claims that the decision the jury made did not have a factual basis that centered in real evidence. The company says the jury was given “inflammatory, fabricated and irrelevant evidence” that swayed their decision.

No matter what happens, Bayer has already lost a lot because of these lawsuits. The market valuation has fallen with a handful of decisions against them, and it currently is around $56 billion.

The outcome of this case will have a drastic impact on this developing legal situation. It is important for anyone who believes they have suffered harm to know what legal options they have for seeking justice and compensation.